About Us

Who are we?

Where it all began…ONLY ONE GLANCE was started by Karen and Rachel who both have a life long passion for renovating and optimising home spaces. We help our clients with our talent and keen eye to improve the insides of their homes. We have seen many overwhelmed home owners trying to organise and manage their homes and we knew we could make a world of difference for them.

Our Mission

Is to create spaces that not only serves a purpose but also provides added benefits such as increased returns on investment and better home organisation. By creating calm and well organised home spaces we want to give your home a new lease of life. Through professional home staging and proper organisation we want to achieve and go beyond our clients expectations. We endeavor to be leaders in this fast growing industry.

There is a clear overlap between our services of home organising and home staging. With home staging we breathe life into a space by creating beautiful rooms filled with quality furniture and décor. Exciting and luxurious spaces that potential buyers will find hard to resist.
We pride ourselves on being expert organisers with bags of creative ideas to transform your home with practical solutions and a fresh perspective. With our coaching sessions and methods we are able to create storage methods that are effective and sustainable. Existing unused space becomes now clutter free and well arranged.

What we do

Our Vision

We understand and acknowledge the challenges home owners face when dealing with disorganisation. By offering the right mix of home organisation and staging services we want to guide and support our clients through a transformation that will reinvent their lives and the spaces they live in.